DAEDALUS plugin system

I want to start learning about the DAEDALUS plugin system. Where is the best place to start learning about this ?

If I create a plugin for DAEDALUS. How would the licensing looks like ? Can I create a plugin under that is not open source ?



As of now, not completed 35% along, you should check out CARDANO SL and of course electronjs.org.

I highly suggest picking out some of the completed open source apps on electronjs.org/apps to learn from others like Donut - Dead-simple open-source cryptocurrency tracker.


Thanks @Chainomatic I am pretty comfortable in writing applications in Electron. What I am mostly interested is the plugin architecture and interfaces that we need to implement for a new plugin. I read somewhere that Deadalus is using a similar plugin system to Chrome. Are my assumptions correct or not ? Any samples that I can use to start my own plugin ?

Yes, you are correct. I have not seen any samples available short of the SL on GitHub. You might want to ask @alfredodinapoli I’m sure we will see a Linux install before any plugins, actually, they both should come together.

Have you set up a running Cardano node?
Really helps in learning.


@alfredodinapoli can you commend on this please ? I am super curious to find out how to build a plugin for Deadalus :slight_smile:

@Chainomatic I am following steps to build Caradano SL but when I get to this cmd:
[~/cardano-sl]$ ./scripts/build/cardano-sl.sh
It fails saying:
Configuring lzma-conduit-…
Cabal-simple_Z6RU0evB_1.24.2.0_ghc-8.0.2.exe: Missing dependency on a foreign

  • Missing (or bad) header file: lzma.h
  • Missing C library: lzma

any idea why this might be as I have lzma and lzma-clib and lzma-conduit installed just fine.

I see this is resolved on another chain by "sudo apt-get install liblzma-dev"
same worked for me.
thanks everyone

Requirements first:

make g++ gcc ghc-8.0.2 liblzma-dev librocksdb-dev libsnappy-dev libssl-dev cabal-install-1.24

As it appears that your shared libraries are not being found.

Oops, I missed your second post.