Daedalus program keeps closing in the middle of my transaction

Is there some kind of bug with Daedalus? I was having problems connecting with my Nano S ledger and then when I finally got it to see it, the Daedalus Mainnet just closed out in the middle of my transaction from coinbase…I wasn’t transacting very much just 9 ada that was for some reason left in my coinbase account…

What is the hardware configuration of the PC? Could be due to insufficient HW resourses… anyway you can use also yoroi which is a light wallet (daedalus is full node) or also u can connect the ledger on adalite.io


I have a great PC so it’s not that…The funny thing is my ada showed up in my wallet once I restarted my Daedalus. It could be something to do with my VPN…or my USB…It’s just scary moving from coinbase to the ledger because it isn’t easy haha…scary for me anyway. I did alot of research and came to the conclusion that Daedalus is better than Yoroi because it has the whole blockchain, but sadly the Nano S is kind of clunky to use.