Daedalus Recovery Phrase

Name: Daedalus Wallet
Description: Recovery Phrase


I noticed my written down recovery phrase you can’t really tell between caps and not caps and I have specifically drawn an arrow to “no caps” on a B on one sheet and some of the words that start with S or M are really hard to tell.

Should I send all my ADA back to Coinbase and make a new one just in case and make a notepad version so you can make a distinction between caps and non-caps but stick it on a USB as well as paper?

Also what situation would I need the recovery phrase? because I want to avoid the nerve-wracking of having to use it at all.

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the seed words is needed when you will want to restore/install/reinstall Daedalus on a new device or when you will forget the spending password

there are few methods to verify the seed words like restoring the wallet on another application such as adalite.io, yoroi, etc

I am not using daedalus and I can’t confirm this video is up to date but you can check inside settings if you still have this option


PS: all seed words should be written with small characters and you can check the words here


Thanks for this reassurance I must have already verified it as it hasn’t notified me, so it must be okay.

So the recovery phrase can be used when my hard drive breaks and can be used on any computer or any wallet?

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I have just done the verification for the first time and it was successful =)

Thanks so much!

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on all wallets built for cardano , so keep it safe, write it on more papers and store in different places