Daedalus since update 4.8.0

Hey all

today my AVG antivirus blocked a connection to tcp:// from daedalus mainet.exe… is it a normal tcp connection?
Still got problem with ledger wallets since the update (daedalus doesn’t recognizes the ledger) , are there any solutions?

Thanx for your answers


443 is for https so shoukd be ok;
if u can’t connect the ledger to daedalus u can connect it to another light wallets like yoroi, adalite.io, ccvault.io, etc; just use restore option and pair/connect the HW wallet


Hi Alex
Thanx for your reply!

ok then i can give it free in the antivirus programm.

Yes i know, it isn’t a problem for me but just was wondering if it’s still a common problem with the update?