Daedalus slow in syncing blocks


:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: 4th try

This is very similar to the other system as they are both barebones mining rigs -

That link needs to be pinned at the top here …
(although I started this try before reading)


Very slow to the point of being unusable for the majority of people without access to quantum computing !!
I have a high spec windows laptop, turned sleep option off - no other processes running . I am 40% thru syncing after 4 hours !!. I hope the academics on the ADA team realize how much this problem is turning people off ADA since its got to be usable by the real outside world. I know it’s early days but when you make something available to the general public it’s important that generates a good impression. I’m afraid Daedalus fails on that score for me