Daedalus sync stopped at 99.95%

Error log:

[diffusion.outboundqueue:DEBUG:ThreadId 694] [2018-05-30 06:39:23.82 UTC] self: sent MsgRequestBlocks (fromList [NodeId]) to NodeId
[node.worker.block:DEBUG:ThreadId 641] [2018-05-30 06:39:23.82 UTC] Retrieved 742 blocks
[node.worker.block:DEBUG:ThreadId 641] [2018-05-30 06:39:23.82 UTC] handleBlocks: processing
[node.worker.block:DEBUG:ThreadId 641] [2018-05-30 06:39:23.82 UTC] Handling block w/ LCA, which is b53a1034
[node.worker.block:ERROR:ThreadId 641] [2018-05-30 06:39:23.82 UTC] Reporting error with reason "handleRecoveryE: error handling nodeId="", header=51c94518: DBMalformed "getBlundThrow: no blund with HeaderHash: b53a1034""
[node.server.block:DEBUG:ThreadId 705] [2018-05-30 06:39:37.78 UTC] handleBlockHeaders: got some unsolicited block header(s)
[node.server.block:DEBUG:ThreadId 705] [2018-05-30 06:39:37.96 UTC] handleUnsolicitedHeader: single header was propagated, processing:
    hash: 9012563640f0124ad0a92f1efeba35273e81e9cb66ef18453854fc869e2cea49
    previous block: 51c945180b6c2cfa1cfe3e963a962318139c994af541b7b63721782e02e7f4c3
    slot: 14564th slot of 49th epoch
    difficulty: 1072851
    leader: pub:50733161
    signature: BlockPSignatureHeavy: Proxy signature { psk = ProxySk { w = #0, iPk = pub:50733161, dPk = pub:e8c03a03 } }
    block: v0.1.0
    software: cardano-sl:0

Hi! Is this a first Daedalus launch on your computer, or not?

No, it’s been working for quite long time, yesterday I upgraded to 0.10.0.
It seems the block db is corrupted, can I delete the db path β€œ~/Library/Application Support/Daedalus/DB-1.0” to resync block data without remove wallet accounts?

Yeah, I was about to suggest exactly this, if it’s not the first time launch. Just close Daedalus, delete this directory, and sync from 0 again.