Daedalus vs Security

I was meant to ask this for a very long time. I believe that Daedalus is really robust build but in my opinion it lacks local security. What I mean is that if my pc is hacked, the hacker can freely send the ADA I have on Daedalus freely to any address at anytime. May I suggest 2FA or even 3FA to enhance security? It is a wallet at the end of the day, so it’s holding wealth and needs maximum security for peace of mind. Please share your thoughts.

ps: Please delete if this topic has been dealt with already.


Not at all. We welcome anyone who has questions, old or new.
Regarding your question, there are ideas to further improve the Deadalus local security, however they are not a priority at the moment.
Partly, because whenever installing Daedalus and setting up a wallet, you’re being asked to set a ‘Spending Password’. This password restricts ‘random users’ to send your funds to other places.

At best, they can only look at your balance. Additionally, we suggest community members to not leave any password copies on their local machine (in case they do get hacked…)

It’s also up to the end-user who has access to their computer, and can additionally be managed with passwords/software, creating extra security.
In the end, installing a wallet with lots of funds on a family or (public) work computer, is not the best thing to do… :sweat_smile:

Hope this helps, and if any, please also have a look at this FAQ item about how to keep your ADA safe here: https://iohk.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360010477234-Preventing-loss-of-Ada-