Daedalus wallet (1.1.5813) on server 2012R2 consumes 100% CPU

Hey guys, we’re trying to setup an RPC server using the Daedalus wallet for some infrastructure we are standing up. Since the linux client is so new, we’ve decided on the windows client.

We are currently running a bone stock windows server 2012r2 image with version 1.1.5813 on the server, but it pegs the system cpu nonstop while the application is open. I’ve tried running it compatibility mode for windows 8 and 7, which has helped only slightly, but still makes the system nearly unusable while open. Does anyone have any other ideas? We really only need an RPC server to make API calls.

You haven’t had any response in CTS and the topic arguably fits better in Dev anyway so I’m going to move it.

Thank you.