Daedalus wallet doesn't connect (support isn't helpful)

My Daedalus wallet doesn’t connect. I have requested support but the only suggestion I got is to open the wallet as an administrator. This I did, but it doesn’t help. Adding Daedalus to the Windows firewall exception doesn’t help also. Afer that one suggestion (opening as administrator) the support team is ignoring me. Not answering under the same support request and not answering new support requests.

Does anybody here have an idea about how to solve the problem?

Sorry you’re having this trouble but you’re not alone. Scroll down to issue 207 and try the suggestions there, come back and report the results. Good luck!

Edit: I just noticed that updating to the latest version isn’t mentioned there, but if you haven’t already you should definitely do that.

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You can try to create anothet admin acount on your machine.download wallet syncronize restore from seed.takes up to 2 days.
For me this is the only solution untill now.
But still hope to make the wallet on the other admin acount work again.

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