Daedalus wallet upgrade

I have a Daedalus wallett ver. 0.13.1

what do I need to do to upgrade because it is not synching with new network

Yep, you’ll need to update it – we’re currently at 0.15.1.

You can find the latest version at https://daedaluswallet.io.

Simply installing it over the old version should do the trick.

great, that will not effect the ADA the wallet is holding will it ?

just make sure you got your seed somewhere safely.

if you got that, you dont have any problems for sure :slight_smile:

No, your funds will still be there.

Even in the absolute worst case (=Daedalus losing your wallet data in the update process) you’d simply have to restore the wallet using your recovery phrase. Your ADA live on the blockchain, not inside Daedalus.