Daedlus Frozen on 99.14% sync


I have 2 Macs with separate wallets. Both comps configured the same. Both wallets loaded perfectly since inception 2 months ago. Now one won’t go past 99.14% sync. All software on wallet and comps is up to date. I run same vpn and malware programs on both machines all is identical but second machine wallet won’t load. Other wallets load eg Exodus. Internet is poor but both machines are side by side and one loads perfectly quickly. One is MacBook Pro other is Mac air.

Any Ideas?



Try FAQ, item 209, “I am stuck at the loading screen, it says Syncing blocks at X.X%.”

Let us know how it went!


What @hayamoto_jr said, I’m adding check time sync before launching Daedalus:

sudo ntpdate -u time.apple.com

so close, yet so far.

Daedalus, such a troll.

Happened to me a couple of times it stopped the sync. process right at the end reinstalled it and cleaning out app data always resolved it.

Hi Thanks for reply.

Yeah I got same procedure from IOHK Support. However I,m not happy doing it incase theres an issue and I loose funds. Can I not restore the wallet onto another machine and keep the machine not working untouched until I have restored the wallet on other machine? Will the restore on the other machine work even though the broken machine wallet is still active but not loading?


Yes, on both.

Cheers :+1:

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