Daniela candidate saying hello from New York


Daniela here,

Candidate for the Catalyst Circle Version 4.

I want to introduce myself to the community, I was introduced to the Project Catalyst Fund 8 and Fund 9, started reading and researching about these funds, developer ecosystem, products and integrations.
After going to the Consensus in Austin, Texas 2022 representing Cardano, where I have met a lot of people from all over the world. I started to read and research about Governance, which is where I got inspired to be part of the Catalyst Circle Version 4.

I want to share the slides I have created to present my candidacy where you can read and find out more about the work I pretend to do as a representative for the Catalyst Circle Version 4.


I am looking forward to meet you in future events with the Cardano.

Here is my platform statement for the Catalyst Circle