Dantes Golden Paper

I create this paper, with an Idea of a perpetual burning coin and a tangible NFT market place based on collectibles with a record on the blockchain. Also the idea of a gate keeper to create that increase the price. year by year any feedback is welcome. Let make it happend! NOW!!. Its not finish

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DANTES Vault Tokenomics and Tangible Items Market Place

Hiroshi Crypto

Perpetual Burning, Low Volatile Tangible Item Based Cryptocurrency

In the Context of 2021 and In the History of Cryptocurrency We have seen a High Volatile Prices Phenomenon and a Big Market Manipulation as well. Due to a very open market, with a ultra-high leverage features, on the actual exchanges houses. we have trading tools that allow traders to buy more coins that they actually can afford. Even Leverage Levels that multiply one hundred and twenty-five times more the cryptocurrency versus de US dollar. Also, we have the constant creation of more cryptocurrencies every year.

The Main Goal of Dantes Is to create and Economic System build as a blockchain Smart Contract with a side-by-side Hermetic Exchange House with no leverage features. This fact will not let users or holders to buy or sell more coins that they actually can afford. This will reduce speculation and abrupt changes on the prices.

Beyond Blockchain

Blockchain technology is a great way to control a limited supply token economy, but in the last years we have seen exponential creation of different blockchains and cryptocurrencies. The Rules set on Dante’s Vault Tokenomics will increase the price of the token year by year. It will be design to be a systematic store of value creating rules on the trade model. Also, we need to create a Marketplace exclusive for the token, to make sure that we will have a living economy in within token or coin. Adoption and a real-world use case will be important for the success of the ecosystem. That’s why we would include a Tangible Items market place that guarantee a real-world use case the user will be able to purchase valuable items that will be a store of value by itself, but with a blockchain base control, supply and delivery.

Perpetual Burning Model General Tokenomics


The Hell Wallet will have a fixed supply of Seven billion seven hundred and seventy-seven million 7777,000,000 Dante’s burning coins. 50 million Dante’s Will be Burn each year. Giving a lifetime of 156 years to the coin burning supply. If the coins stay forever on the hell main wallet. The burning supply per year will be always the same. 50 millons coins burn each year.

Dante’s Gate is the Market where you can purchase the Dante’s Burning Coins to Save them from been burn and gone forever, Once the Coin is Out of the Gate. They will be deposit on the Heavens Exchange wallet. Once the tokens are out and purchase from the DANTE’S HELL MAIN WALLET they Cannot go Back. The Gate keeper will set a fixed price of 1 Dollar per Coin. The Coin Will be ONLY available for 7 Months a Year. After this time frame the GATE will be close until next year. Every year the value of the coin will BE increase in a 100% , the gate keeper will double the price, year after year. In the 7 month period the Exchange activity will be suspended . We will have a 7 month period in which the gate keeper will be the only one that provides the coins to the users. After that period the exchange activity will be reopen for normal trade. Exchanges wallets with no leverage features.


The Value Acquire buy the Gate keeper will be use on : 70% for the maintenance of the ecosystem, development team and item storage and preservation ,and 30% will be convert to tangible Item etc .A specialist team will choose this items to guarantee they will gain value year after year . Once the gate keeper takes the USDT ,the Administration will take the USDT or any other Stable coin and purchase tangible and valuable items that will gain value by itself over time ,like gold coins , fine art or collectibles etc (The Admin will never hold USDT or any other Stable coin ). This Items Will be stored In a Warehouse that will have a blockchain supply control.

Heavens Hermetic Exchange and Wallets

Coins Wallet

The User Will have an Exchange Wallet to Store and Trade the Coins. The Only pairs available will be with USDT or any other stable coin. Again with no leverage features. You can only purchase the coins you can afford.

Item Basket

Also the User will have a Basket to Store, the Items he purchase from the Item Market place The user can hold the Item in a NFT form with a unique code ID with all the characteristics of the item and full description ,everything secure by blockchain data base.

After 3 month Holding period the User can BID the item again In the MarketPlace, at the price wanted no limits .

Marketplace Rules and Warehouse Backup Control System