DApp language c# or rust?

I have over 13 years experience with .Net and C#. I am exploring developing a high performance DApp for Cardano ecosystem. I am torn between learning Rust vs going with .Net and C#. Rust has performance and stability but lacks maturity. Bringing a proof of concept to market requires speed. I need some insightful advice.

Rust is designed to be more of a C/C++ replacement, basically for system level programming where milking every ounce of performance is key. Unless your app needs this as a requirement, I’d stick with .NET and C# as it would almost certainly speed up app dev time due to the mature middleware ecosystem it brings.

Thanks for the input. I agreed with you. The DApp will have significant (40%) users in third world countries where mobile and desktop devices are not as powerful or robust. In addition, network connectivity is unreliable. So, I am little worried that a .net infrastructure might be too resource intensive for such low latency and anemic devices. That’s where performance might be an issue. Maybe, I could layered rust and .net in separate concerns of the same DApp?