DApp Poll Idea

This post on DApp ideas that people would like to see is great

DApp ideas that you would like to see

However currently it’s just a list of ideas that probably won’t end up being used. I think we need two things

  1. We could create a post that has a poll with ideas where people can select all ideas they think are good, thereby ranking the poll. This would allow a developer to choose the most in demand DApp from the list before moving on to the next. I’m unable to create posts that myself or others can edit so I can’t create a poll that can be continuously added to by all users. Can a moderator create a post like this?

  2. Once written, is there a Cardano repo we can submit the smart contracts to so we can have a large collection of usable smart contracts on Cardano?

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I love it when people start seeking for the best dApp idea’s possible, I suggest you first look for the suggested dApps and smart contract’s here on the forum and make a list of them, then create a new thread looking for more suggestions on what a good dApp or smart contract would be and let people post to the thread, after an amount of time whatever you are comfortable with create a poll of what you think are the best idea’s and seek to gain votes by including reddit, telegram, facebook, and twitter etc. user’s to join in and vote.
Once you have enough people participating I think you will find that a poll does not need to be edited and you will have a good list of the most favorable dApps people who participated in the thread want.
I would love to know what the best idea of a dApp is, hope to see a poll from you, infact, just tag me so I do not miss it :wink:

Hey Christopher, I don’t think that’s a good idea though. After a while it will result in a very large amount of threads of unordered ideas and a lot of time to filter through them. Take the forum post i linked, we have no idea which ones the community prefers and also if any of them have already been implemented.

If we had a poll that was always used as the place people could suggest dApps they would like developing on Cardano, and if it was open forever where users could constantly add their ideas and rank/vote on them (basically reddit), then developers could work through these with the most popular first and update the poll to remove it once completed.

Also when I said edited, I meant that i can’t personally create a suitable poll on this site as I can’t add an item to the poll that allows users to add a new idea themselves and I can’t edit my poll to add their answers to it

I have read over 24 Thousand post’s on this forum, others have read way more than myself, I am pretty sure you could read through 240 dApp ideas and pick through the ones you like and make it a personal poll, it might seem like a heck of a lot of time, but come on… you have the time for it before Goguen and if you want some help I am willing to partner with you to find out what the most popular idea is.

It does not have to be multiple threads, all idea’s can be posted to one thread with a summary of what such dApp will contribute to our ecosystem with a link to expand on the idea.
If you need some help pushing this idea of your’s forward let me know, I will help you if I can.

Not sure users need to upvote a new idea like reddit allows, a good idea is a good idea, and many polls can be created and you can compare old idea’s against the new ones in a poll.

Oh of course I can do that myself I don’t have a problem with that but I’m not talking just about myself. I might be being a bit optimistic but I’m thinking about years from now when you may have thousands of ideas, I think having one poll of all wanted and unwritten ideas and a collection of those already written could be very beneficial and stop the same thing being written 100 times. If you don’t think it’s a good idea then I’ll leave it and stick to the current thread

I am not an authority on the issue and I encourage you to pursue a formula that could be adopted like reddit or Hive to upvote such dApps you would like to highlight to propel the protocol forward.

I would like to see you push forward for a process that you can imagine we could use to understand idea’s that would benefit the Cardano ecosystem, maybe you could go into further depth on how you see this upvote idea will work?
I am genuinely interested as I understand the complications of changing any style of a system once it has gained roots as the path forward, see my objection to CIP1 that I am working on defending, and I am finding very difficult to do so although I know as time goes by it will be more difficult especially after Shelley, once people accept something as a norm than it becomes very hard to persuade them to accept something that goes against what they know.
So be sure to spend some time on your idea and bounce it off of as many people as you can, just to be sure you get it right.