dApps: unlock potential and creativity

As a developer I am still struggling to move my mindset from current software architecture to dApps.
If I have this kind of problem, how can we explain the dApps advantage to other professionals?

Do you have some resources of existing project that can clarify my dudb?


Every Ethereum based token is a kind of dapp. All the popular ones have open source code to their smart contracts so you can see how they work.

I would like to see a framework for thinking about the dapp model. Publish here if you have some ideas.

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Ill go out on an intellectual limb here and attempt some stabs at the issue…

In order to see the value of a cardano specific daap, one needs to look no further than the extra ways that this ecosystem can help(users,devs,value to society) … Because Cardano has such a fundamentally open framework, it can help every creator more, and especially exponentially when they are thinking along the lines of multilayered, embedded data, intelligent control of identity, compute, and maximal flexibility/scalability .

While there are many arguably great “blockchain” technology use cases already out in the wild , they could all benefit by either upgrading to cardano or merging with it in a future context. That is probably up to them , but I am convinced that in the short term future , cardanos functionality automatically conveys exponential benefit to a dev who wanted to replicate or out compete in a use case…

But that isn’t even the best part … many use cases, such as the set of cases that are currently impossible to evaluate efficiently but will be in the future , will be able to find functionality in cardano.

I don’t want the following notation to be confused with implying anymore or any less than what it truly is , but really the major value cardano offers to devs is it’s “function space” … if you agree that blockchain is a set of computing functions that can help people find value. In cardano, your product will be best developed in the layers by abstracting up, and looking directly for value , and finding the set of functions that can solve your case, ie ( who is a value storer, who is a seeker, who benefits, and how we all benefit)

If you consider block chains as being, basically on all contextual levels, market makers, it can help lead you on a thought process to find , where? and what? are markets, and values that could either be created , made more perfect or frictionless, or provide for better returns or more appropriately and effectively distributed returns…

Three critical advantages that cardano framework brings to the table are it’s multilayered approach, it’s trustworthiness in terms of being truth proofed / verified by both functional evaluation math and cryptographers, Another advantage is its flexibility to adapt to regulatory structures and provide privacy and identity on a flexible basis.

Thus , there is no bigger daap space to create upon than cardano. The language of functional coding is naturally the most functional to all participants.

Having said my first thoughts above, I think the most important one to implement first is prediction and reputation markets, as they have a tendency to both draw in users , and generate truly new value in their ability to more accurately over time , provide information exchange value and speed up the development of any future daap.

Many other dapp ideas are in the works for the unbanked value props, the transaction value prop , etc , ,

To find the most futuristic value props , start finding the places that could benefit most from cleaner, more verified and validated , more functional , and more frictionless transfers.