Db-sync cexplorer db has no relations

I followed this tutorial (cardano-db-sync/docker.md at master · input-output-hk/cardano-db-sync · GitHub) and set up a docker based db-sync instance on my server with 32GB ram.

Its now been two days and I still can’t see any tables inside the cexplorer database in postgres. Am i missing something? Do I need to manually do something that will populate this database? Or do I need to wait for some type of even to happen before I see this data?
Screenshot from 2022-04-28 08-17-38

Also, I see this message on the terminal.

Enviroment variable DbSyncAbortOnPanic:false

Update: Couldn’t find a solution to this. Just like most things in the cardano dev sphere the offical docs are trash and stuff compiled together by the community ends up making most sense. For anyone reading this in the future, do take a look at
the folks there explain things really well, with good examples. I managed to get everything up and running by following the above link.

Seriously the Cardano foundation needs to focus more on the dev experience, by making sure devs have access to good documentation.

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