Deadalus Wallet advantage

What’s the advantage of using the wallet and not leave your coins in for example Binance…?

The advantage is you have complete control of your wallet.

thnx Lewis…Deadalus is only to control my ADA? And is it a safer way to store…I am a complete no-knowledge and in it for the long run cause as far as I understand the project I believe in it…
What in case of a crash of my Laptop? Which I never had…but in case of…?

In this case you should have a backup of your seed and if you re enter it everything should be fine

You’re welcome.

Yes; Daedalus wallet is specifically for your ADA.

I bookmarked the Daedalus website and use the FAQ to get answers. I will always try to help others on the forum and I try to be as accurate as possible but I like to source the original information. :slight_smile:

The Daedalus Wallet is an Online Wallet and as @CyberHek replied as long as you have the “seed phrase” from when you installed your wallet you can restore/reinstall your wallet again and recover your coins.

Here are two items from the Daedalus Wallet FAQ:

Caution : If you do not have the recovery phrase, do not delete your wallet.

How do I backup my wallet?
To backup your wallet, you’ll need a recovery phrase which is 12 words you’ve received at the wallet creation. To restore the wallet, click “Add Wallet” select “Restore” and type in your recovery phrase.

Will uninstalling/reinstalling the application delete my wallet data and coins?
No it does not. Regular reinstallation/uninstallation will not delete your wallet data. Also note that Daedalus is a online wallet so even if your PC is broken, you can still restore it with another PC using recovery phrase.


Hi @Dulla

I’m new here, just reading some posts…

Suppose anyone could hack Binance and stole your tokens… that’s the main advantage of having your tokens in your wallet, I think. Or what about Binance leaving the business… that type of thing.


What’s been happening with Bitconnect is a perfect example of why you shouldn’t leave crypto in an exchange.