Decentralising publishing with BOOK token

Josh joined me to talk about BOOK token, the project that is looking at changing how publishing works and how you will consume published books in the future.

ePublished books that you get on existing platforms are merely rented from these platforms and can be pulled off the platforms at any time. You do not own that copy of the book. You can sell it to anyone else.

BOOK token plan to publish the books and encrypted NFTs that you will have to have in your wallet or reader to be able to access and read.

Furthermore, their app will allow you to engage with the author, track the amount of the book you have read and generate rewards tokens for doing so.

BOOK token is looking to change the way you consume published books. They’ve been in the publishing industry for over a decade and have good working relationships with existing publishers making them a go to partner to publish books as NFTs on their platform. If successful, they are looking at bringing over 6 million users and unique wallets to the ecosystem.