Dedalus Wallet not connecting 4.0.5

I just updated to 4.0.5 and now my Daedalus Wallet isn’t connecting to the Node. I have been waiting for 20min and have been restarting my computer and the Wallet 3 times already. Does anyone have an idea other than recovering the wallets from the Seed Pharse?

Thank you

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Hi @Primarystorage ,

I did have the same problem. You could try to restart your computer. Then sync your clock. Try to wait for 1 hour. Last option is to reinstall Daedalus.

Or try read this article from IOHK:

I restarted my computer a few times and left it turned of for about 1 hour. Now everything is back to normal. Thank you

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Hi @Primarystorage,

Glad to help. Wish you a nice evening then :coffee: