Delay withdrawal from Binance to Coninnest

I want your help for belows transaction.

Ii was issued 1days 2hours ago but until now it is not complete yet
What is the problem?
How can I solve this issue?
Please help me…

1.Coin name : ADA

2.Amount : 20621.8113

3.Receving address:


  1. Sent address


  1. Tixd :


  1. Issued date : 2018.02.10

I wonder if Binance has found a glitch in withdrawal’s, I have just recently seen someone wait 2 days for their withdrawal to go through from Binance, it is weird mainly cause it is on the blockchain yet you do not see it in your wallet, I suggest opening a support ticket with Binance, and be sure you are in control of the receiving address in your wallet.

Err sorry be sure the address you have on coninnest is on your coninnest account.

Binance has sent the ADA to the receiving address, the transaction is showing in Cardano Blockchain Explorer. You should contact Coinnest with your issue.

The transaction has made it to the receiving address which must be a Coinnest wallet according to your title. I think it must be a Coinnest problem and you will have to consult them for help. If the receiving address is in a wallet that you control, then Haskell_plus’s suggestion is your best bet. Good luck getting it sorted out quickly.

Thank yo for your replay… what is the Haskell_plus’s suggestion?

It is the first comment in this post above.

Be sure the coininest address you sent to is still associated with your account, @kidcops tickets are a great way to get something sorted out, exchanges pay people to get results to keep customers, I suggest you open a ticket at both exchanges with all the pertinent information so they can assist you in your trading activity.

When I check tixd in block chain network, transaction is only 2times for this tixd.
Is it confirmed or notconfirmed yet?
Please help to solve it…