Delegated ADA impossible to access

Hi Guys,

  • First, I had ADA on Binance I wanted on my Ledger so I made an ADA account on my Ledger and send my ADA to it, so far so good.
  • I then discovered Yoroi, so I said yay let’s make some extra ADA delegating.
  • I created a Shelley wallet and transferred my ADA from my ledger to it. Then chose a Delegator and finalized the transaction. I went back at the end of the next Epoch, some rewards where available so I claimed’em and it worked like a charm. So far so good.
  • Now I want to add some more ADA from a Binance account, but I cant figure out how to connect my ledger again?? When I try to verify the adress it says it doesn’t match with my ledger (with cardano app open) and when I try to “claim/transfert” a shelley wallet it says the action is not supported for this material…
    I can’t even undelegate! Please Help!

You know that u can delegate from ledger right,

So u instead create a simple yoroi wallet an send ada from ledger to yoroi right? I understood right?
Perhaps now in yoroi u have a simple wallet and not your ledger wallet

Then u should go in yoroi and choose add wallet (Shelley) and connect with ledger… do not DELETE ur wallet which u alteady have in yoroi


I try to add a cardano account directly in ledger live but I couldn’t, that’s why I did this.
If I understand well, I need to copy/paste my seed from my ledger in the shelley account to connect my ledger? That’s the mnemonic of the whole Ledger right? That is where all my other coins are saved, not very safe to do that!

Nope, 24 seed words are for ledger not for ada wallet, so u should use them only when u are restoring the hw wallet

How to connect ada wallet to ledger

Steps for Yoroi

Steps for Daedalus

Ok I connected my ledger, that created another shelley wallet which looks exactly the same as the old one, same balance, same amount delegated. Now how do I undelegate or withdraw my ADA??

if you want to undelegate your ada:

  1. View the Dashboard
  2. Find the Total Rewards section and click the Withdraw link in that box. That will display a pop-up with some information and the option to de-register.

If you want just to spend some ada, you can do i without undelegate…
But why you want to undelegate?

I don’t want to, but I was anxious not to see any undelegate button. The reward balance shows 0 (I already claimed my last reward), it is not very natural to claim a 0 balance!

I have some more ADA on Binance, if I want to add them, should I use the adress shown in the "receive " section? At what point does the connection with my ledger appears to validate the transaction?

  • to which pool delegated? (ohh and if you want to delegate to another pool just search for the pool and delegate to the new pool.)
  • copy ur address from receive section and paste it to binance;

!!! first time you should try with a small amount, just in case

Thanks for your help :wink:

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I have already delegated with Spire, all fine.

you’re welcome