Delegation Methodology: Improving our operational flexibility

Dear Cardano Community,

We’re constantly improving our operations and especially our security. Recently, we have moved our funds across a different wallet setup. This also means we’ve reduced wallet sizes to roughly 14.5m ada to achieve greater security and flexibility in our custody solutions.

In fact, some of you might already have seen these movements. To increase operational security we only communicate about these changes after they have taken place. Rest assured: our funds are in good hands and as safe as before and will allow us to use even more of the groundbreaking architecture Cardano brings.

One final note: our core methodology remains the same. Delegations every three months and of the same amounts as before.

Cardano Foundation


I had no doubts :+1:


Thanks for the updates :+1:


Is this mean that there are more wallet to delegate to SPO? Because if it is. I think it is marvelous.

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I didn’t do the exact math but yes it should be at least one, maybe two more wallets.


Nicee. That would be very great to help more small pool to survive.


Thanks for the update.

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The delegation helped my small pool to continue operations. I appreciate your methods. Good for decentralization. Keep it up!

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Keep up the good work on helping the smaller pools.
May i ask when will the applications open again for pools that meet the criteria?

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Good job guys! Always improving… :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:


I’m hoping that I will get the delegation this time. As a small charity pool, the struggle is real to get delegators

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Getting to the 25K pledge threshold for delegation requires quite a mighty leap at current prices.
Nevertheless, it’s good to have this system swapping delegation to various pools.
Hopefully we’ll reach the threshold for foundation delegation someday :blush:

U can participate to IOG delegation program

3,2 M delegation for 3 months


Hello Alex:
Is it open to apply?

Not yet but should be soon

Closing this topic. Please see our new announcement for details: