Did Binance skim off of my transaction? Please help!

When Binance announced it wasn’t going to service the USA I moved all my ADA to my hardware wallet. I had n ADA. Here’s the transaction:

https://adascan.net/ removed after issue was answered…

Notice the other receiving wallets? I don’t recognize those addresses.
My wallet ended up with nn ADA!
Can someone help me troubleshoot this?

Thanks for anything!

Open and check it in Yoroi. These browsers like adascan and seiza break up your transaction so observers cant tell exactly how much you have.

Same transactions (data) in Yoroi without the totals listed. Thank you!

It’s best to keep your holdings to yourself :slight_smile: For me, your amount only drops my jaw and makes me think stuff like “wow, good job accumulating”. Some however have other intentions when reading it. Don’t make yourself a target, no matter how innocent your info looks.

Other than that: keep up the good work and hold that stash.