Didn't receive withdrawn rewards

I just withdrawn my rewards. It wasn’t a huge amount but it didn’t get added in my wallet. My total amount is same as it was before I delegated. I stake my ADA on Yoroi.
After withdrawing, I thought my rewards will automatically be added to my total amount. But it’s not showing any additional amount.
Also I would like to inform that I didn’t deregister the key with the pool while withdrawing, I kept it registered.
My wallet shows some transaction but it’s just fee deduction, there is no other transaction in my wallet.
Is it possible I may receive my rewards only after two more epochs?
Can someone guide me? What might have happened?

Check your address on https://cardanoscan.io/ and it should show you everything.

This will give you a better idea about your rewards.

Your rewards are already included in your Total.

For example :

Your total is 100 ADA and your rewards are 10 ADA. After claiming your rewards you still see total : 100 and rewards 0.

Thats because the rewards are already counted in your total :slight_smile: