Digest February 5, 2024: Cardano Foundation Activity Report 2023, Voltaire Governance Parameter Survey, A Spotlight on Stake Pools: AHLNET

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Cardano Foundation Activity Report 2023

For the second consecutive year, the Cardano Foundation has published its 2023. The report highlights key aspects within the core areas of operational resilience, education, and adoption.

The report provides details on new and existing projects, illustrating how the Foundation contributes to the development of Cardano as a ‘public digital utility’ and assists in scaling diversity, quality, and the quantity of on-chain use cases. Read here.

Voltaire Governance Parameter Survey

2024 will be the year when on-chain governance will arrive on Cardano. As we advance, every ada holder can directly vote on proposals such as treasury withdrawals and protocol parameter changes. An on-chain governance model like this also requires novel parameters that guide and control the new features.

The big question is how do we set those new parameters? What are the ideal values? The Parameter Committee set up a working group for the Governance Parameters to address those questions. As part of their mission, this working group, in cooperation with the Summon Platform and DripDropz teams, created a dedicated Governance Parameter Survey to get input from the community on these crucial settings.

To get more insights on the survey and the parameters, check out the recording of the X Space we hosted with the working group members on Friday, 2 February 2024, or the Governance Parameter Overview document.

Make your voice heard and decide what initial values should be set for the bootstrap phase of on-chain governance on Cardano. To take the survey, visit: General: App | Summon Platform

A Spotlight on Stake Pools: AHLNET

The Cardano Foundation’s “Spotlight on Stake Pools” series highlights the pivotal role played by stake pool operators (SPOs) within the Cardano ecosystem. Each installment dives into the unique insights of a specific SPO, showcasing how the Cardano Foundation delegation has empowered them to continue their operations and initiatives.

In this installment, we feature the AHLNET stake pool, founded by Sweden-based Ola Ahlman. With over 15 years of IT management experience and expertise deploying mission-critical servers in an air traffic control center, Ahlman combines his technical expertise with a passion for working on private and open-source projects in Java and other programming languages. For the full story on AHLNET’s contributions and Ahlman’s unique journey, Read here.

cc: @Scitz0

Other Cardano Related News

  • In the Cardano Foundation’s Activities blog, Part 7, we take a look into various SPO-related activities conducted by the Cardano Foundation - from numerous Masterclasses during the Cardano Summit in Dubai, our “A Spotlight on Stake Pools” initiative, to the SPO poll that was conducted in May of 2023.
  • Join the DRep Workshop in Indianapolis, USA, on Feb 17! Ideal for those aspiring to be a DRep or contribute ideas on representation and conduct. For more details, and to sign up, click here.
  • The commencement of Project Catalyst Fund11 voting is here! Ada holders can now participate by casting their votes for proposals until February 8, 11:00 UTC. For more information on how to vote, view the ‘How To Vote” guide.
  • DexHunter now supports cross-chain swaps. Source
  • ERC20 Token functionality for Cardano. This is a minimal implementation of the new native Cardano standard for any ERC20 token, e.g., USDC. It allows to program erc20 tokens on Cardano, using native tokens only to represent users’ accounts. Read More
  • Rick McCracken’s SPO Call Summary from February 1st, 2024. Source
  • First Cardano CTF (Capture The Flag). A game where Cardano developers and enthusiasts can try to exploit purposely vulnerable smart contracts and learn about the most common security issues and how to prevent them. Source
  • EMURGO Academy and Institut Universitaire DA’bidjan (IUA) in the Ivory Coast signs MOU. Source

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Catalyst Proposals

Below you will discover a selection of Catalyst proposals originating from various community members, which have piqued our interest. Please note that by featuring these proposals in our Community Digest, we are not expressing explicit support for any single proposal. We strongly encourage each voter to conduct their own due diligence before making any voting decisions.

Proposal #1: AdaStat Cardano Explorer - Open Source Improved Reboot towards a first-class community blockchain explorer.

Cardano is experiencing an acute shortage of Open Source Community Blockchain explorers. The chosen solution is to prepare the transition of AdaStat.net to a community project by rewriting it as an improved Open Source project based on past experience and users feedback, as well as adding support for both Cardano testnets. The main goals are: transition adastat.net service to an Open Source project; make adastat.net available on Preview & Pre-prod networks; improve UI/UX; solve performance, scalability & robustness shortcomings; achieve zero downtime deployment; make it possible for everyone to relaunch the project; make it easier to identify problems and add new features; implement staking from CIP30 wallet; add support for CIP-18 Wallets (Multi-staking); allow other internal parts to be reused in other projects. Read More

Proposal #2: Sustaining the Impact of the Cardano Ghana Community.

The proposal seeks to secure funding to sustain the activities of the Cardano Ghana Community. This proposal’s milestones (Ms) are: M1 - Host an intensive Cardano meetup(s) to educate and onboard 100+ newbies, startups/enthusiasts into the Cardano and Project Catalyst communities. M2 - Produce and share content on Cardano and Project Catalyst to the Ghanaian community and beyond, such as video tutorials on Project Catalyst participation, ADA wallet creation, building on Cardano (dApps), for inclusiveness, mass adoption and innovation. M3 - Select and nurture three (3) community Cardano projects in Ghana to implement their ideas. Final (M4) - prepare and submit a comprehensive project report and close-out videos for the Cardano Community. This will help drive Cardano adoption in Ghana; enhancing community growth and innovation. Read More

Proposal #3: Cardano Solution Architects Training Initiative

Africa lacks Cardano Solution Architects, hindering local project developments. We aim to bridge this gap by sponsoring 8 students for training. Read More

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