Do not display ADA assets in Byron wallet

I keep my cardano’s assets in my iPhone mobile wallet.from afew days ago I realized that yoroi wallet didn’t display my’s important to say that this happened when I deleted my yoroi wallet on my iPhone smartphone.but I have my recovery phrases and spending password.i recoveried my wallet again,but I can’t see my wallet balance unfortunately.i must to say that I kept my cardano’s assets in Byron wallet not Shelly wallet.could you please help me to get my assets?Thanks alot.

Restore the byron wallet using the seed words… also check one byron address from yoroi on … do u see the funds?

Hello again
I checked the Ada address in And all funds are there.I restored the Byron yoroi wallet,but I can’t see Ada in balance.i mean the balance is can I solve that??
Thanks for help

Perhaps yoroi issues… wait more time and try to refresh the app by pulling down with the finger… from time to time