Docker cardano-node image - stdout is blank when providing custom config files

Hello everybody,

I have recently finished setting up a stake pool for the Shelley testnet using the official cardano-node docker image (current v1.14.2) and k8s.

When running the container with an environment variable defining the network it shows the expected log output.

The trouble I am having is that I have now passed in my configuration files for topology etc. and currently am seeing the following in my log output:

Listening on

That’s it… If I run curl I do see some data however.

Does this mean that the node is perhaps unable to connect to the network? As a test I have put it back to but to no avail.

Any help on this issue would be a lifesaver!

UPDATE: I found the issue… as a side effect of following the various tutorial I has LiveView defined in the config - which stopped logs being piped to stdout

Seeing things coming through now!

Hey! Are you running cardano nodes on k8s now?

What hardware?

I’m having issue running cardano node on raspberry pi 4b 8gb where the node just stops working during blockchain synchronization. Did you ever have anything like that?