Does Michael Parsons have a conflict of interest as the Chairman of CF?

I was doing some light browsing on the legalities of setting up Swiss-based foundations this afternoon, and I came across this paper:

As a precursor, I don’t know how accurate or legally binding any of the recommendations in this paper are, but I think there are some interesting base points that should be opened for discussion. On page 66, the paper discusses the topic of conflict of interest and the necessity for a party with an individual or institutional conflict of interest should be recused from those pertaining matters. Additionally, page 104 discusses principles of asset management for the foundation. It addresses the important for the funds of the foundation to be used in a manner that “coincides with the foundation’s purpose and is conducted in a cost-efficient manner.” It also touches on situations where there is a conflict of interest while allocating funds.

Ultimately, my question is this: While these recommendations are not legally binding, does Michael Parsons owning Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency beside Cardano put him in a situation where he has a conflict of interest? If so, does this conflict of interest mean that the Cardano Foundation was organized in an illegitimate fashion?


It is not legally binding as it is recommondations. However in considering if an organisation is organized in a manner that allows it to forfill its purposes it is certainly relevant.


Yes, this was exactly my point. I probably should have touched on this in the original post. I will edit it to clarify!