Don't fall for the help desk scams

There are a lot of issues with Yoroi lately and each time you Tweet, “Yoroi” you’re bombarded with the Reply Spam and support scam from people trying to get your seed phrase and steal all your assets. Please don’t fall for them.

In this video, I explain alternative ways to get around the issues Yoroi wallet has by using alternative wallets.

Please don’t give anyone your seed phrase. No one from Emurgo or Yoroi will actively try and contact you to provide support.

Stay safe.


Pete, you da man. Very timely article with so many new Cardano wallet users InTown. :+1:

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And there are so many more in the pipeline being built. I haven’t had time to go through them all.

Hi. I am having terrible trouble getting into my Yoroi wallet. I am getting an error message that there is an error received from server while getting account state. I am stuck on Yoroi and cannot send anything out from it.