Doublepasted walletadres coins not recieved

I doublepasted the walletaddress by mistake on transfer. Is there a way to retrieve them?

From where to where did u sent the funds?

Binance=> Bitvavo. Bitvavo says they can’t do anything.

On binance u should see that the transaction couldn’t be processed… and u should have the possibility to cancel the transaction… did u tried?
It has confirmations?

Have not tried to cancel yet. Will check if there’s an option. Over 900k confimations.

Hmm, can u paste here the transaction ID?

Getting more info. It’s not my own transaction but someone i’m trying to help. I made an error though transfer was between coinfalcon and Bitvavo. When I get further info i’ll add it. Thanks sofar.

is the transaction id. 2094 ADA

If u sent ADA to this address


Then it should be fine, ADA are in the wallet

If the address is correct then probably it will take more time till u will see the funds on Bitvavo wallet (is this the address from bitvavo?)

Thanks sofar. I’ll get everything checked with the sender and see where we go from there.

Some additional information: The transaction was made to DdzFFzCqrht65Z42jKqXNYxL9x1g38sYNXKzj4gn9237GQSqBQrE3LZyVPx6WG7Qyd1cJj8oUHa4FGnahsBF2Yg9a8jjXJ2CT49SVsvn (which got doublepasted) and ended up in the address mentioned above. What surprises me also is the double address shown in the scan. Does that mean it’s a exchangeaccount or…?