Dr Ben Goertzel loves Cardano

As I continue to do my own research into crypto and Cardano I am heartened to find very smart people who appreciate what the Cardano project is about. Dr Ben is a renowned computer scientist who specializes in AI and blockchain tech. He was recently on Ivan on Tech. At the 1:37:30 mark he talks about domain specific languages (which Cardano is pioneering with Marlow) and then about Cardano itself.

Edited with the video starting at the timestamp.

Here is where he talks about Cardano specifically:


Yes I noticed this as well. I was researching into governance some 5 months ago and came across Dr. Ben Goertzel and he has some really interesting theories that would help with governance aspects so yes him noticing Cardano is for me also a reflection of great thinkers liking the project.

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I very much like his concepts regarding giving AI an ethical framework in addition to problem solving capabilities.

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Can whe hire this guy for the cardano team😁


The good news is if Cardano continues to fulfill its expectations he will definitely use it.

Can you hear what other project he likes? He says it after the word propriety…is it coda or tolar or what?

I think he talks about https://www.toda.network/ ?

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I believe “doing away with the replicated chain” is what IOHK is addressing with NIPOPOW research (and i assume NIPOPOS too) and the hydra papers yet to be released.

Yes and I believe recursive snark technology is being looked at as well: