DRep It Like It’s Hot - Monthly Review May (2024)

The Month of May has a special place in my heart, not only does it bring the beauty of spring but it is also the time when I and my fellow Norwegians get to celebrate our Constitution Day on May 17th (Gratulerer med dagen!). It feels only fitting to celebrate this month by hosting another DRep Workshop, but this time in London with our vibrant British Community,

DRep Workshop London - 24th of May
The DRep workshop series is designed to continuously improve, meaning that we can take learnings from previous workshops and apply them to the next ones. The London workshop, held on May 24th, was our most advanced yet because here we took experiences from the Oslo workshop and Toulouse and applied questions, theories and problems to the workshop. One example of this was the Toulouse Bribery Index (TBI) and how we as DReps can position ourselves when it comes to paid votes and what it means to be transparent, what to disclose and why.

The workshop also went beyond the technical aspects covered in Toulouse and we had the time to dive deeper into the responsibilities and expectations of a DRep when representing a community and how we can promote diversity amongst representatives,

A full report detailing the workshop content will be available soon.

DRep it Like It’s Hot: Clayborhood Meetup with Clay Nation
Following the workshop, we joined forces with Clay Nation and Upstream to co-host a Clayborhood Meetup, inviting the London community to come connect, hang out and have a good time. It was also the perfect opportunity to meet fellow community members in person, some of whom I’ve been collaborating with online for years!

A special highlight was connecting with Lally McClay from the Clay Nation ladies.

The Cradano Community Switch in sentiment
I am noticing a positive shift in sentiment amongst the geneeral Cardano community. People are familiarising themselves with Governance and we are seeing new faces joining thee conversation, This is good, we need more community engagement and participation. I am positive that this shift will continue, which I am very excited about.

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