DSNC - Cardano Stake Pool

To all Cardano supporters and Investors, we are happy to announce that our “DSNC” - Cardano Stake Pool for the Incentivized Testnet is already registered, set up and running.

“DSNC” is a Cardano Stake Pool based on 0 tax-fixed, reasonable low tax-ratio and 0 tax-limit parameters.

Our chose of the server is AWS Cloud Server with 100% productivity and Up-time. This will help us achieve 100% Productivity for block production when our node is elected to be an epoch leader and producing new blocks.

DSNC is a blockchain oriented company with our own IT and development team, which are focused on building and implementing our products using the platforms which we are part of them.

You can see more about DSNC on www.dsnc.co.uk

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Your status page is currently showing 99.86%. Good but not 100%. And isn’t 100% impossible to guarantee anyway? AWS official figure is 99.99% per month. If you’re willing to “fudge” this, what else?

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RobJF, it looks like you are not reading our website data properly, so let me explain you. Regarding the numbers 99.86%, this is over all the average last 3 months Up-Time statistics for " DSNC - ICON P-Rep node performance", and doesn’t shows Cardano node!(see the link below). We are also official ICON Public Representative (P-Rep) node. Also you can see from the link below, for the last Month our node is 100% Up-Time.


Regarding your second question about AWS. As you mentioned the official figure I also can confirm that our SERVERS are running 100% with no issues by now! We talking about servers and not nodes! This is why I said, “This will help us achieve 100% Productivity for block production when our node is elected to be an epoch leader and producing new blocks.”! Our aim is to provide 100% block production and not overall node Up-Time!!! We all know that this is Cardano Testnet and like every testnet is not realistic to guarantee 100% Up-Time of your node.
Very soon we will provide our monitoring statistics for our Cardano Incentivized Testnet node.
I hope I answer all your questions and please let us know if you have any other questions regarding our Cardano Testnet node. Thanks

Sorry but what you said in the OP looks like you think AWS is 100% with implications for block production. OK so you know you can’t guarantee that. All the more reason you should be careful not to imply it. I believe you should edit the OP.

At the same time, in the spirit of helpfulness, I don’t believe most people would understand “0 tax-fixed, reasonable low tax-ratio and 0 tax-limit parameters”, so I think you should rewrite that too.

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For some reason, I am not able to edit my posts and I need to speak with the admin here.
So, I will add it here as a comment.
Our DSNC - Cardano Incentivized Stake Pool have Tax Parameters as per below:
There are 3 values you can set to configure the stake pool’s Tax :

DSNC - Stake Pool:

  • tax-fixed = 0, this is the fixed cut the stake pool will take from the total reward due to the stake pool;
  • tax-ratio = 6.25%, this is the percentage of the remaining value that will be taken from the total due
  • tax-limit = 0, a value that can be set to limit the pool’s Tax .

You can check the links below and search for DSNC - Stake Pool


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DSNC - Cardano Staking Pool
We have improved our node config and our DSNC node is now more stable and restating quite quickly after the last block height synchronization is stuck.
Check it out below link our node status in real time.


Search for “DSNC” to find us.

Our DSNC - Cardano Stake Pool now running the latest Jormungandr v0.8.9!
Cardano Incentivized Testnet running very well.
You can support our node “DSNC” when delegating your $ADA for us from Cardano Daedalus Incentivized Testnet wallet.

Wow, our INT1 stake pool DSNC is just getting better and better each day thanks to #Cardano team for your support! We were Number 1 on Daedalus INT wallet. :grinning: :+1: :rocket: Cardano - ADA