Editor changes my words


I’m noticing that the forum editor changes -my message words in a very random way. As a result is kind of complicated to write a message.

Some words are disappearing, or the order of words is changed, etc.
Are you -having these problems too? -Is there any solution?


Ok, it seems is just my problem. So I cannot post anymore.
Good Luck everybody.


Sorry you’re having this problem, wish I could help but I have absolutely no idea what could be going on here, been using forums for many many years but never heard of this before…


Hi @RobJF

Thank you for your feedback. Yeah, it’s absolutely weird.


@jorge sorry to hear your problems - is it still happening?


Hi @cf_jonmoss

Yeah… but it’s ok. That’s the way the universe unfolds. :upside_down_face:


I admire your stoicism!