Effect of COVID-19 on exponential demand for home Internet Access and slowing blockchain synchronisation

Just in case people are experiencing increasing frustration with slower sychronisation with the Cardano blockchain & Testnet. As more countries enforce lockdowns and self-isolation, the demand for home Internet Access as exploded.

Most Telcos have struggled to meet this sudden change in demand profiles from Business Access needs which have, by necessity, been given the largest share of Internet Bandwidth. Suddenly, overnight, a Presidential or Government decree to mandatorily isolate has shifted demand to the home.

In Australia, the Telcos were summoned by the Federal Govt to address this serious issue. They have struggled to make this change because of the physical infrastructure restrictions in suburbs. One CEO stated bluntly, that households will have to manage their household demand through rostering, until they are able to ramp up bandwidth to meet the home Internet access demand. I am thinking this would apply in cases where there is a need for high bandwidth activities eg Internet video gaming, large video downloads.

So, it may be the case that, in your location, this is an issue and you will need keep that in mind, before logging a issue download times.

Also, this could have an effect on the Pool Operators whose staking services, in particular, Servers are based or managed in Suburbs and not in Business districts. Its something the Pool Operators need to consider. Obviously, for those using Cloud services they will not be impacted.

A video stream (say Netflix or Youtube) uses orders more bandwidth than keeping the Cardano chain in sync. I would suggest that keeping mainnet in sync currently uses less a megabyte a day.

The full mainnet chain on disk is less that 4G which is less than an hour’s worth of 4k video.