Efficiency of Shelley

I recently downloaded the Shelley Daedalus version and transferred all of my ADA from Byron to Shelley. Instructions were clear and the procedure relatively easy. However, I must say that I’ve had more problems with Daedalus in Shelley than I’ve ever experienced before, mostly lengthy connecting issues. Message “Connecting to Network” and long sync times. I’m assuming this is nothing more than growing pains as kinks are worked through and out of this new Shelley version. Is this correct? Shelley doesn’t seem as efficient as previous versions of Byron. Anyone with insight please comment. Thank you.

I am experiencing the same problem. Is there any fix for this?

It’s mainly but not only network congestion IMO. Everyone trying to sync at much the same time. They’re working on it and a new version of Daedalus is due very soon, I heard today but IDK.

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