Electron: where to start

Hi There!

I am planning to learn ho to use Electron for be able to bring value to Dedalus and its future applications.

Can you kindly suggest where to start?


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Hey, awesome to hear. Hoping to help in the future also.

The best place to start would be taking a look at the electron github:

Also here is a link to the quick start guide:

Best of luck in your endeavour!

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Daedalus will have a plug in system. They recently finished testing the sandboxing of applications. I would start with all the materials online about electron.


I’ve built small javascript applications before using Nodejs and VSCode/Atom IDE, then compiled into an exe using Election. Wonderful tool!, but can you explain how it can be used with Cardano? (Or provide a reference/use case).

Daedalus is open source. You could go there and check out how it communicates with the API.

I posted in the forums about cardanodocs.com and swagger.

An app would also be able to communicate via the API with Cardano. So you could design your own wallet if you want. It would be good practice. And when the plugin system launches, people would have an alternative user interface. Actually, I would be thrilled if someone did a blockchain explorer.


Cardano already has an explorer team. Do they have the source code on Github?

So the explorer apis are a bit of a mess right now I am told. They are planning big changes. But we have an online explorer. We want one in Daedalus.

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Are NodeJs a must to learn or Javascript is enought?

A general understanding of how NodeJs works should be enough for developing client side applications. Electron is a module that is used to wrap (or encapsulate) a client side application into an exe.

I had to give a talk/demo at a SharePoint conference on client side development for the new SharePoint Framework (SPFx). Here is a quick video I made for setting up an client side development environment.

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Start with this: Electron tutorial app