Empty delegation list screen

Hello Everyone,

I have bought ADA and transferred it to my Yoroi wallet. I would now like to stake via the delegation list menu in Yoroi.

When I press this menu button all I see however is an empty page.

Is this a known issue? Is there anything I can do to solve this?


I just checked and the pools are visible there;
Try to refresh the app


Not for me. I see a completely blank tab.

What browser are u using?

I don’t use Yoroi but as I understand it is implemented as a browser extension. In which case you may want to try clearing the cached data for your browser or re-intstalling the wallet extension.

I have an old asus Chromebox which I use to store my Yoroi Wallet (and only for this purpose). As soon as I’m done I fully disconnect it from the web and store it in a safe place.

I was under the impression everything was working fine and got no errors or indications that there were version problems while using Yoroi. The only thing not working is the Delegation List.

The Chrome OS version on the box is rather old though (76.0.3809.136).

Could it have something to do with the version of the chrome browser?

Could be, try another version

I wish I could. End of service reached for this Chromebox, so no further updates. Might need to store the wallet on another device then.

Or, install daedalus but it will consume a lot of resources being a full node


Did you find a resolution to this issue?

I have my Yoroi wallet with the ADA ready to stake but have an empty delegation list also which is quite puzzling?

Thanks in advance

which browser are u using? chrome + yoroi extension?
I just checked my app and is fine, all pools are there


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Yes, I did!

I uninstalled chromeOS and installed Linux on my Chromebox with the firefox browser.

All is working now. I think it had to do with an outdated Chrome version for me.

Which version are you using?

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Hi, thanks for checking, Yes that’s correct, I am using the Chrome extension on a Chromebook and the same version as OP…

The same as you I believe? Version 76.0.3809.136 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Do you use the chromebook for anything else? You might consider changing the firmware to remove ChromeOS and change to a Linux build like me. I only use it for my Wallet so for me this was no problem.

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I purchased it really just for this purpose… I also like that with Chrome if this laptop were to fail I can login on another device quite easily and they are quite cheap. Do you know if it would it run Deadalus with this version?, or would downloading the Firefox browser without changing the OS work? Thanks once again!

I believe Firefox considers this version of ChromeOS to be outdated as well. You could try to install it but I think it won’t budge.

You could try if you can get the linux terminal app running in ChromeOS (Daedalus on a Chromebook)

I do however think your hardware might be too old to get a good experience.

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Looks like I’m going to have to ponder this for a while. Did you have to do a complete change out from Chrome OS to Linux, or were you able to add Linux as an extension and keep Chrome? I know on the newer Chromebooks there’s the extension for Linux Beta but mine doesn’t have that. Thanks for your help, much appreciated

I did a full OS change. had to update the bios firmware on the chromebox and then install the OS.

For me this was not very exciting since I do this kind of stuff all the time. I can however imagine if you have never done this that it will be a bit more daunting.

You can take a look at www.mrchromebox.tech for some information

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You’re right! very daunting lol. But thanks for your help, at least I know now what the issue is.

Thanks once again!