Emurgo security device what the?

Hello there,

I’m setting up a ledger nano x, via a usb cable connected to chrome on a mac, had no problem with any crypto so far except…Cardano.

Following instructions from both ledger and a cardano google doc, and installed yoroi lite wallet as a chrome extension. I’ve also installed the cardano app on the ledger. I have done nothing else set up wise prior, but from there when it comes to “connect to hardware wallet” I follow the screen instructions - and a pop up appears saying (use a security device from emurgo, or use this device). I cannot do anything else on the screen except what this bloody popup says and does, and each time, I try and select use this device, basically any form of connection fails. I can confirm the cardano app is open on the ledger, and the pin code is in, so the device should be available, and no idea what a security device from emurgo is.

Any suggestions please, trying to be as lightweight and simple as possible, while staking with the community as opposed to an exchange. Thanks. What’s easy and safe?

Are you talking about that “problem” here?


Nope, I’m on a Mac, so I think it’s nothing to do with that.

Would you mind to share a screenshot?

IMG_0583 Of course, thank you for offering to review.

Sorry for the size egads this isn’t playing fair :joy:

What browser are you using?

It’s all in the first post. Chrome on a Mac. Yoroi ext.

Ah sorry i didnt find that information.

Could you please try to connect your ledger via adalite.io (use WebUSB) and test if this works?

Ok. Is web usb something obvious? I don’t know what that means.
I’ll follow instructions accordingly on the site you have linked.


I think I have had some success, but now I have no clue what to do next :joy:

Should I be transfering my ADA to ADAlite now? or doing it via ledger live

No you have to understand that your private keys are on your ledger device. By connecting it to any software like Adalite or Yoroi, the software acts like a interface to the blockchain.

That means it doesnt matter which software you use, you will always have access to your funds on your ledger device.

You can delegate or make any transaction you want via adalite.

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Ok lovely. Thanks very much for your time and help.

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You are welcome :slight_smile: