End of Cycle Price Predictions

End of year prices aren’t nearly as relevant as end of cycle prices, and as such this will be the criteria.

The charts are simply BTC and ADA on a log scale.

The BTC chart shows only the start of BTC (according to Coin Market Cap, Sept.13, 2013) until June 20, 2016.

The ADA chart shows it’s entire history.

The price of BTC on June 20, 2016 was $742. From there to the end of the cycle is a 26.5x gain in price.

The price of ADA now is $.30.

$.30 multiplied by 26.5 is $7.95.

I don’t know how to superimpose the charts and determine the correlation factor (maybe someone could do that) but to me it looks like it’s a high percentage number. I’m no quant, but if things are that correlated over X amount of time, wouldn’t the odds be the same that they will remain that correlated over another 36% of that timeline?

Whether or not this is making any sense, my price ADA price prediction for the end of this cycle is…

$7.95 USD.

I find it interesting that Crypto Crow has a prediction of $7.85.

What’s your ADA price prediction for the end of this cycle?

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