Energy Certificate In relation to private currency/crypto currency

*In respect to Energy Accounting – Technocracy Inc. – Official Site

This is what I’m getting:

People could pay a monthly premium for energy. At the end of the year based upon their consumption they could receive a type of a rebate with a crypto currency. If they didn’t use that much energy, let’s say far below a $100 monthly premium.

going into the next year they could use the rebate towards their upcoming energy bills or save them. I imagine them to gain value. It also serves as an incentive for people to be conservative on their energy consumption.

And based upon a communities ability to save, The energy company could attract manufacturing with good deals.

I’ve been posting about the same subject roughly, so excuse me.

I’m interested on any thoughts. Not particularly asking any question here.

One more respect to Technocracy inc.

I felt horrible after posting this.

I didn’t mean to put a spin on their theory. I definitely see it their way.

Energy is everything.