Epoch 310

had a similar event happen at the end of epoch 310 that happened at 307… CNCLI showing 100% chance of minting a block, but in the last 5 mins no minted blocks. I recently adjusted the startblockproducer.sh file. I have not received any missed leader checks until the last 5 mins of epoch 310, the number jumped up to 214…
At the end of epoch 307 issue was much higher, so I felt the adjustments to startblockproducer.sh helped. Still trying to figure this out.

I accepted that CNCLI could have been wrong on epoch 307… Does anyone know if CNCLI has an known percentage of being correct?


How are you using cncli to show you the chance of minting blocks?

There is the “cncli” tool: GitHub - AndrewWestberg/cncli: A community-based cardano-node CLI tool
And there is also “cncli.sh” from the guild operators tools: CNCLI - Guild Operators (which is also using the first one).
Which of them are you talking about in your post?

cncli will give you the exact slot when the stake pool will mint a block, if you are using it correctly. And if your block producer is not minting a block on that slot, you should check the logs to see the reason.

Thanks for replying, I use the cncli.sh bkp163985xxxx. Updated user variables and before epoch 310 started the output result was 21759 100.74% max and 21600 ideal. Near the end of epoch 310 In that 10-15 mins between 21600-21759 slot 48988793 is when my missed slot checks jumped from zero to 214…