Epoch Transition

What’s the time delay between Epoch ending and the next one starting.
If 301 ENDS at Nov 11, 2021 21:45 UTC. What time/date does 302 start?
Or is the online published schedule the start time NOT end time? Thank you

do you mean 302 right? right after 301 end

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Since the block time is approximately 20 seconds and the next block belongs to the next epoch, it will start immediately, around 20 seconds after the last block of the epoch before.

The rewards arrive at the stake keys a little later. From what I have seen, it can be minutes, but also a few hours.

The epoch boundary is the slot - each slot (currently 1 sec) belongs to a specific epoch


I fixed my post. Sorry foe the typo.

I fixed it. Sorry for the typos.

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