Error while installing Cardano-db-Sync

Hi i am trying to reinstall the Cardano-db-sync ( im using the guide from iohk operators guild but when i finished and want to start for the first time i get an error:

ERROR: cardano-db-sync-extended seems to be absent in PATH, please investigate $PATH environment variable!

Does anybody maybe know what i am doing wrong?

First of all, would just like to clarify tools hosted on guild-operators are not affiliated to IOHK/CF/Emurgo or any other organisation.

Does anybody maybe know what i am doing wrong?

If using the tools from mentioned website, it’s best to follow updates in the announcements channel. For the mentioned error message, you might be using cardano-db-sync 13.0.0 or 13.0.1 (which is compatible with Vasil HF) - note that this release removed cardano-db-sync-extended binary, as it’s now combined into cardano-db-sync itself. As announced in the channel, the master branch should be adhered to for mainnet, while the ones beyond should use alpha branch. If you use from alpha branch (can download updated and use -b alpha ... where ... is any other parameter that you may want to add depending on usage), you would see that the updated version from alpha branch only refers to cardano-db-sync.

In case you have a follow up query as ‘when will it be merged to master?’ the answer would be once IO management determines the HF release date, and versions to be used for mainnet (for instance, many have been believing node updates are essential for Vasil HF since 1.33.x but there have been breaking changes introduced since, latest one being with node 1.35.2, we will have updates for protocol version 7.1 - which wasnt the case until node 1.35.1)