Etherium Classic

Does the situation with Etherium classic affect :cardano:?

I would say it does not. BTW the best I can tell what happened is one of several Development teams working on making stuff on ETC had financial problems and ceased operations. This does not mean that ETC is going under. As long as miners keep mining ETC lives. I’m sure the other dev teams will pick up the good people from the one that went under.

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ETCDev and IOHK don’t share finances so it shouldn’t at all. Though with less teams working in the ETC ecosystems it might make IOHK reconsider funding more work in the ecosystem if it’s dwindling (which I believe Charles said in one interview that they haven’t decided yet whether they are going to continue heavily building onto the ETC ecosystem)


Theoretically no
Yet it has some serious implications!

If Cardano fails in the upcoming months ( 3-4 months max ) to provide shelly’s Capabilities as they promised ( they already promised for 2018 and now they say for end Q1 ) , it won’t be crazy to assume that Cardano ( ADA ) is near to dangerous zone …
If IOHK is so state of the art level of engineering and couldn’t save the ETC, what would me make think they actually would do a great job in Cardano ?

Also why is that Eth is getting hacked and still way up in evaluation than ETC ? Like always …

If you are some how linked with ETC right now is a bit risky

Ps: still love cardano and believe in it 100%, just loaded my wallets with more ADA, the purpose of market crash is buying more :nerd_face:

I don’t have time to reply in full, but I’d like to point out that it’s a severely odd perspective to think that IOHK was suppose to “save ETC” because they built a client in Rust and that is somehow reflective of how their research and work behind Cardano is doing and it’s future success.

Yes indeed you are right, I understand the role really well that each party plays

I m talking more about the perception of this story for general public, people who don’t know that much ( which pretty 90% of the people, me
Included )
All this would lead to the assumption that IOHK couldn’t take care of ETC, even tho it’s not their job
Also there is a lot in stake, how ETC were created in the first place and our CEO image attached to it somehow, me of course I know “well” what happens but what would be for the rest of people ?

Also there is video of Charles, basically comparing Cardano & ETC as his child so the implications, assumptions go louder if ETC fails

Load damn it load…


Exactly!!! @SeanAlimov
This particular feature, delegation is key

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It shouldn’t, but the market is pretty irrational. I still see people calling Cardano “vapourware”, so there’s probably plenty of people who would try to use this as FUD against Cardano.
The effect probably wouldn’t last long though, once everyone realises that IOHK isn’t bankrupt and Cardano is still being worked on.

Load damn it load…

Maybe if we all do this


The problem is what would loose in value it would be harder to regain …
Decline vs growth
Stragically speaking it mustn’t devaluate before Shelly features release… as we are now in a very big dip of the whole market and ADA specially as the ratio between ADA devaluation vs Stellar ( for example ) each day goes wilder
So the market as whole crushes but ADA way more
And with this thing of ETC… let’s see