Even the cards say Mr Parsons must go!

I could not finish the video, my lack of love for tarot card’s I guess, once they started with the choppy waters and trying to save themselves I tuned out, should i have continued???
Cardano will set precedence on the world stage for cryptocurrency by taking the arduous task of submitting everything through academic review, this approach has not been done before and IOHK has already seen positive results that have come through investment from regulatory bodies for research, the cards could be right or they could be misinterpreted by the dealer, time will tell, kind of fun to see a Halloween vid but Cardano has its best day’s ahead of it.

I didn’t get to the end either, this was some fun to lighten the mood.

I do truly believe though that Cardano has a very bright future and strength will come from this adversity.

If Cardano has got this far with very little input from the foundations board, then image what can be achieved when the right people are in place and spending those funds on developing relationships and the community…

Great things to come!

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