Everstake Pool - [EVRST]

Everstake Pool - [EVRST]

Ticker / fixed fee / variable fee

EVRST / 400 ADA / 3%
Website: https://everstake.one/cardano
Pool ID - ac2d2d66a30cbb3163e68a7073bcd3f9cdd4a11a8af6e2c5653402c7
Location: Ukraine / German

Everstake helps institutional investors and regular token holders to profit off their crypto assets.

We operate in a wide range of Proof of Stake blockchains, providing our customers with numerous options to choose from. Stake with Everstake and make 5%-20% annually.

High-performance servers, broadband channels and advanced network topology allow us to show 99.9% uptime and generate blocks really fast. All our operations and activities are open to the general public. We have strong commitment to clarity and transparency of our operations.

We are ready to answer any questions from our customers 24/7.

Everstake is a team of experienced developers, financial experts and blockchain enthusiasts. The company was founded by Attic Lab, an EOS block producer from Ukraine.

We run highly secure and reliable nodes for PoS protocols using the enterprise-level hardware to ensure maximum efficiency and security.


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