"Everyone! We have an announcement to make!"


We are very excited to share our fresh new website www.purpool.io. We have collected everyday tools for stakers and #adapters on one site. If you find bugs or want to propose a new feature or improvement - hit us up!

There will be many updates in the coming months, so stay tuned!

To get notified, make sure to follow us on Twitter :blush:


It look clean and elegante, nice job however, as I suggestion it’s not dividends, maybe it’s subtil yet it’s more correct referring as Rewards for staking, rewards …

Nice job!

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Great suggestion! Go check it out :smiley:


Nice, like it :clap::smiley::ok_hand:t3:


Thanks for your input :smiley: :+1:

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Really great to see that you are open to taken on suggestions from the Forum! Hats off to you guys.

Also agree with ishleh, you have done a great job with the site, easy to use and attractive. Nice work :clap::+1:

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Some people have messaged us regarding responsiveness on mobile phones. If you are one of them – thank you. Everything should work as expected now :sunny:

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