Exchange to ITN

I sent ada to my ITN (v2.3.1.) from an exchange 24 hours ago and the funds have not been received. All addresses are correct. What’s even stranger, when I began resyncing the testnet wallet, the funds appeared for all of 10 seconds before disappearing again. Any idea what is going on?

UPDATE: the exchange was able to cancel the transfer. It appears that the Daedalus ITN cannot receive funds from an exchange. Perhaps only the funds within a Daedalus wallet at the time of the snapshot can be transferred to the ITN? If so this should be clearly stated.

This is spot on. On the Cardano side this has been clearly stated everywhere since a long time before the snapshot. Official youtube pages, telegram update pages, this forum, reddit, the weekly newsletter, Even the ITN website still clearly states it: on the front page right near the top. This information can’t physically be put anywhere else. If you follow third party sources, we always suggest not to as quite often this is how misinformation is given out.

If your exchange has allowed that sort of transaction to go through, the exchange needs to make it clear… as it’s an impossible transaction, the Cardano Blockchain and ITN blockchain are enterirely different blockchains, it’s like sending BTC to an ada address. Every exchange I use gives a red warning that the address is not valid if this attempt is made.

I’m please that your exchange has not taken the assets from you.